Luxe Underlay 10mm 120kg

The Luxe Underlay 10mm 120kg is a high density, performance rated carpet cushion. Offering excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties and constructed with our Luxe Reinforcement Grid, increasing the products dimensional stability and tensile strength.


Key Attributes:

• Carpet will maintain its new look and feel for longer.

• Enhanced sound and thermal insulation properties

• Luxe reinforcement grid

• Luxe moisture barrier.

• Superior tensile and elasticity properties

• Award winning underlay collection

• Supported by a lifetime of the new carpet guarantee

• No bleaches or harsh chemical treatments

• Consistent weight, thickness, and density through every roll

• Heavily reduced in foreign contaminants

• Review rating average is 5/5. The Perfect score


Choosing a new carpet cushion is a long-term commitment that gives your flooring the support it needs to maintain that new look and feel for longer. Our lifetime of the new carpet guarantee is our promise to you and represents the confidence we have in the quality, workmanship and long-term performance of our products.

Weight24.12 kg
Dimensions10 × 1.83 m


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