Luxe Underlay 11mm 120kg

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The Luxe Underlay 11mm 120kg is a high density, performance rated carpet cushion. Offering excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties and constructed with our Luxe Reinforcement Grid, increasing the products dimensional stability and tensile strength.


Key Attributes:
• Carpet will maintain its new look and feel for longer.
• Enhanced sound and thermal insulation properties
• Luxe reinforcement grid
• Luxe moisture barrier.
• Superior tensile and elasticity properties
• Award winning underlay collection
• Supported by a lifetime of the new carpet guarantee
• No bleaches or harsh chemical treatments
• Consistent weight, thickness, and density through every roll
• Heavily reduced in foreign contaminants
• Review rating average is 5/5. The Perfect score


Choosing a new carpet cushion is a long-term commitment that gives your flooring the support it needs to maintain that new look and feel for longer. Our lifetime of the new carpet guarantee is our promise to you and represents the confidence we have in the quality, workmanship and long-term performance of our products.

Weight26.53 kg
Dimensions10 × 1.83 m

14 reviews for Luxe Underlay 11mm 120kg

  1. Nicky and Peter

    We recently rebuilt our home and installed luxe underlay and we absolutely love it. So comfortable to walk on. We would recommend it to everyone, you honestly won’t regret it.

  2. Leon & Tanya

    Just had Luxe 11mm underlay laid with our new carpet and couldn’t be happier, would highly recommend using Luxe underlay to anybody looking for good quality well priced underlay that feels great.

  3. Reads Flooring

    Exclusive. Innovative. Profit.

  4. Christel Hamer

    We just had our Luxe underlay and carpet installed and what are difference! So pleased with the result!

  5. Flooring First Taupo

    If you are thinking of buying carpet and renewing your underlay ask your local store for this, you won’t regret it and its much better quality than that foam chip stuff that you will get offered.

  6. City Carpets

    Over the past year, we have been using your underlay 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and we couldn’t be happier with the high quality.

  7. Hocking’s flooring

    5 stars from the team at Hocking’s flooring.Great products, great support, and when I need the product at a specific time or date they make it happen. Keep up the great work Luxè

  8. Carter Derrick Carpets

    Luxe has taken every problem from past underlays to create the ideal underlay of today in my opinion

  9. Foote’s flooring

    As you are aware we at Foote’s flooring have been in the flooring trade for over 60 years in that time we have used a number of various carpet underlays

  10. Mark Lafferty

    Luxe underlay clearly the best on the market. Top-quality competitive pricing backed up With fantastic service.

  11. UK Flooring Te Awamutu

    Just to let you know our thoughts on your 10, 11, and 12 mm Luxe premium underlays. After forty years in the flooring industry, selling and installing underlays in NZ and the UK including top brands such as Tredaire, Dunlop and Cloud 9, etc. etc… We would like to congratulate you on such a great product, which in our opinion is one of the best products we have ever had to work with for easy installation and quality consistency throughout the product range. Our installation teams and customers give us great feedback also on the quality and how much it improves the feel of there carpets.

  12. Footes Flooring First

    As you are aware we at Foote’s flooring have been in the flooring trade for over 60 years in that time we have used a number of various carpet underlays. We found since using your Luxe foam underlays that it is by far the best. Consistency in the product is paramount and quality is something we can always count on with your underlay.

  13. Craig Hollis

    We have just had luxe installed in our home and what an awesome product to use and so comfortable. 5 star

  14. Alan Hill

    We just had the 11mm installed in our home And i can’t tell you how good this feels underfoot. I have also sent images of the job if you would like to use them. Thanks again.

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